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Welcome to the Undercroft and Gallery

Workshop & Gallery
We have excellent recently refurbished rooms that are airy, welcoming and fully centrally heated with excellent lighting. Both spaces are ideal for messy activities, as well as meetings and exhibitions. See 'Room Hire' for further details.

The Parish Hall
The Hall
The Upper Room
The Cockleshell Café

The 'Celebration' window....
.... in the Upper Room of the Parish Hall adjacent to the Cockleshell Café is a specially commissioned piece of artwork by Alan Davis.

The original design was commissioned by St James for the newly refurbished Upper Room in 2007. It is intended not as a memorial but as a celebration of the faith and lives that have contributed to making St James a centre of community life over many years. 
Alan Davis' design was inspired by the ideas of a group from St James.

It is viewable at any time when the Upper Room is not in use.

Have a look and see what you think it symbolises and says!
What does it have to do with community, St James, faith, life and death?
Tell us what you think!

The cost of the window has been met by voluntary donations.

new stained glass window
Creative Writing course
Gallery full view
Gallery art
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